A L L    F O R    O N E


Submission for The One Show 2017

Team Members: Nadia Ouenniche + Kiarra Roundtree

Client: TOMS

Target Audience: Students k-12

ALL FOR ONE: A global shoe exchange that brings together individuals of different cultures, faiths, and backgrounds all for one cause - helping those in need. Participants will be able to express their unique qualities by designing a pair of TOMS that they will get to exchange with someone else in the world. This benefits not only our society’s understanding and acceptance of one another but will help donate shoes to families all over the world. 

Concept 1: A blank canvas to be inspired by. This poster series is minimal with the idea that the audiences' imagination can add in the vibrancy and diversity.

Concept 2: A fun, colorful approach. This poster series encourages the students creativity and gives them an idea of how vast the shoe exchange.